For many decades,
The sex toy industry has been focused on women and couples. Currently, that tide is changing, and sex toys for men are beginning to arrive on the scene.
The new toys range from prostate massagers to male vibrators.

Fleshlight toys have, seemingly, become the most “famous” of the new male sex toys.
This is due to them being quite discreet and well as realistic feeling. Fleshlight toys are male
masturbators that allow men to embark upon singular, erotic playtime. The following will further explore this line of erotic toys.

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight toy is a plastic replica of a woman’s vagina that can be penetrated by an aroused
male. The hollow tube of the toy makes it very simple to use with a single hand.

It does need to be noted that there is some difference in feeling, as
compared to an actual vagina, but there is still a pleasure to be derived from
its use.

Fleshlight Varieties

Although a vagina that is attached to a living; breathing woman cannot vary a great deal. That is not the case when it comes to the Fleshlight masturbator.

The product line includes a variant of sizes and colors as a measure of meeting the particular,
erotic needs of men.(To view them all you can visit – fleshlight review )

Some companies offer toys that are copies of the vaginas of highly popular female porn
stars. Additionally, the male sex toys are crafted in a manner that they feel as close to the real McCoy as possible.

Who Benefits from Fleshlight?

Obviously, single men are the target audience for Fleshlight sex toys and will most certainly be
the prominent buyers.

It does need to be noted that they are not the only ones that can benefit from having a Fleshlight or two strategically tucked away around the house.

Couples looking to add a bit of spice to the bedroom and men in long distance relationships are ideal candidates for the favorite sex toy as well. The Fleshlight allows couples to engage in the thrill of a ménage trios without having to recruit a second woman.

It is the the versatility of the male sex toy that makes it so overwhelmingly popular within
the industry.

For those uncertain, if there is a Fleshlight that will fit their needs…there are an abundance of
female porn actresses for replicas to be made in the image of. Moreover, men have a [virtually] endless array of faux vaginas to pleasure themselves with.

The Cons of Fleshlight

You will need a safe place to store this masturbation tool, particularly as it measures in
at a full ten inches in length.

Without a strategic storage area, you will find yourself on the receiving end of awkward
attention and questions.

It also needs to be noted that this sex toy for men will need to be prepped before it can be
used. You will need to warm the toy with lukewarm water before you begin to pleasure yourself. Additionally, the only water-based lubricant can be used in conjunction with the Fleshlight sex toy.

You are also REQUIRED to thoroughly clean the
erotic toy after every single use, NO EXCEPTIONS.

In Conclusion

We all know that the vast majority of products within the sex toy industry are marketed to
women. Therefore, the most exposure in the retail world is for dildos, female vibrators and more making those items rather simple to find and purchase.

Male sex toys are growing in popularity, and that segment is seemingly being dominated by Fleshlight masturbation aids.
This is due in part to the products being top notch as well as ideal for solo man play or incorporation into the bedroom with a mate.

With that being said, ladies may want to watch out.

Playing hard to get or faking headaches may get you replaced by an authentic replica of a man’s erotic dream girl.
It has truly been a long time coming. Men have been forced to create their erotic aids or rely on their hands alone while women were given some ways to singularly climax. Fleshlight is certainly evenly the masturbation playing field for men. To find more fake pussies you might want to visit this website.

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